Corporate Impact

NI is dedicated to Engineering Hope for a better world.?Our 2030 Corporate Impact Strategy outlines the ambitious goals that will help us get there.?Let’s build a society that works for all of us—and a healthy planet that sustains us—for the next 100 years and beyond.

Changing the Faces of Engineering

We envision a world where the racial, ethnic,?cultural, and gender representation of engineers?matches that of society. We’ll work toward this?vision by increasing the diversity of our own?workforce,?supporting aspiring engineers, and creating a greater sense of belonging?in our industry.

Building an Equitable and Thriving Society

We envision a thriving society with fewer inequities (economic, racial, gender) and greater wellbeing and prosperity for all. Our work starts within NI, by cultivating an equitable and thriving workplace. We’ll also advance diversity within our own supply chain, which has an economic ripple effect throughout communities. And, by changing the faces of engineering, we will increase access to higher paying technology jobs.

Engineering a Healthy Planet

We envision a world where all industries and governments work together to protect and repair?ecosystems and stabilize our climate by mitigating rising temperatures. We’ll do our part by reducing the environmental impact of our operations and our products, and empowering innovators to build new green technologies.

Corporate Giving Guidelines

By 2030, we will give 2% of our annual, pre-tax profits to?charitable causes in the form of monetary and product donations. Our?strategic collaborations?with community?organizations help?drive positive change?globally.

Reporting and Governance

We maintain NI’s culture of honesty and integrity through strong corporate governance standards, clear ethics and compliance policies, and transparent communications with all stakeholders.