Time Sensitive Networking

Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) is an update to standard Ethernet, IEEE 802.1, that adds network-based time synchronization and deterministic communication.

Key Benefits of TSN

Because TSN is an update to standard Ethernet, you can precisely synchronize devices over the network, eliminating the need for signal-based synchronization methods that are common today. This distributed concept of time also enables traffic scheduling and the deterministic transfer of time sensitive data, which is key for industrial applications such as process and machine control where low latency and minimal jitter are critical to meeting closed-loop control requirements.

Time Synchronization
Traffic Scheduling
System Configuration

Reduced Cabling

Time synchronization over Ethernet removes extraneous wires for both connection and shared notion of time.

Simplified System Setup

Connect all pieces of the device under test to the test fixture over one cable—Ethernet—to share data and time.

Reduced Programming Overhead

There’s no need to align data after acquisition, because all disparate systems share a common notion of time.

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Time Sensitive Networking

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