LabVIEW Academy

LabVIEW Academy is a global program for academic institutions seeking to enhance their curricula with LabVIEW training and entry-level certification, improve student employability, and strengthen the foundation for their students’ engineering success in industry or research.

Enhance Student Preparedness for Careers

Over 35,000 companies around the world use NI technology to meet engineering challenges. LabVIEW Academy provides a learning path to academic institutions that features a hands-on teaching approach with industry-relevant technology?and a professional certification in LabVIEW for students and educators.

Key Benefits

Improve Student Employability

Improve students’ career opportunities with NI professional certification that's widely recognized in industry. The LabVIEW Academy program offers students the skills to attempt the Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer (CLAD) exam with confidence.

Increase Relevance to Industry

Give students a competitive advantage by working hands-on with industry-standard measurement and instrumentation hardware and software based on the same platform engineers and cutting-edge researchers use across a broad range of industries.

Access Exclusive Learning Content

Reduce course development time and implement project-based learning with a ready-to-use curriculum package that features detailed lesson plans for teaching and learning industry-standard LabVIEW software.

Accelerate Innovation and Discovery

Expand the use and success of NI laboratory solutions and build an infrastructure that consistently develops LabVIEW competency in your institution to help you and your students conduct groundbreaking research across many disciplines.

Academies Worldwide

Connect With a Community of Faculty and Students

LabVIEW Academy programs around the world use NI technology and offer courses to train and prepare students to achieve LabVIEW proficiency and certification. Contact the school nearest you and study LabVIEW in a classroom environment with professors who have experience in teaching and research.

Equip Students to Succeed

Become a LabVIEW Academy

Join a globally recognized program and prepare your students for the workforce with industry-ready certification. Speak with your local NI representative today to learn more about the program, discuss eligibility requirements, and apply to become a LabVIEW Academy.