What Is a PXI Programmable Power Supply?

You receive a range of voltage and current options and advanced features, such as 4-wire remote sensing and output disconnect relays, with a programmable power supply.

InstrumentStudio? Interactive Software

PXI Programmable Power Supplies are shipped with an interactive soft front panel called InstrumentStudio for ready-to-run operation. The panel operates with both PXI SMUs and PXI Programmable Power Supplies. You can also monitor and debug the instrument in parallel with running code.

Hardware-Timed Sequences

You can eliminate the software overhead associated with software-controlled sequences and reduce test execution time with hardware-timed, deterministic sequencing and triggering that allow the instrument to execute commands without any intervention from the host software.

Remote Sense and Output Disconnect Relays

Remote sense uses a pair of high-impedance sense lines to measure the voltage at your device under test (DUT) and compensate for any voltage drop between the power supply and your DUT. Additionally, you can programmatically isolate the instrument from your DUT with built-in output disconnect relays.

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Hardware Services

Service Program Options

Every PXI purchase includes the following services:

  • One-year warranty for basic repair coverage
  • Calibration in adherence to NI specifications prior to shipment
  • Basic assembly and functional test
  • 30 day technical support trial*


NI offers additional hardware services as part of expanded service programs that can improve uptime and lower maintenance costs.


*You can extend access to technical support by purchasing a Standard Service Program for software.