Product Lifecycle Policies and Services

NI knows every application has different requirements for support and longevity and is committed to providing the life cycle support you need for your application. NI product life cycle policies indicate purchase availability, support duration, and migration path. NI services and support help you take advantage of the latest technology, proactively plan for technology evolution, and minimize risk associated with obsolescence.

Life Cycle Management Services

Product Life Cycle Consulting

NI provides a consultative engagement on the life cycle status of products, recommended updates, and planning related to sustaining engineering.

NI-Managed Sparing

NI has the global infrastructure and resources to help you manage a tiered sparing model across your installed base. For applications that require high uptime, NI can provide an on-site spares inventory that can be accessed in minutes, or expand support to include a regional inventory of spares that can be shipped the same day.

Same Model Repair or Replacement

Under the same model repair service, NI manages the availability of test capability and components, and maintains intellectual property and trained technicians to ensure the products are repaired or replaced with the same model.

Reserved Product Inventory

By taking advantage of the NI-managed inventory, you have access to extended availability beyond the standard product life cycle. NI stores reserved products in a dedicated inventory at a regional NI service center, ensuring they are ready to use when you need them.

Migration and Upgrade Assistance

Experienced NI engineers can help you evaluate your application and plan for a technology refresh, whether it’s to use the latest technologies or prepare for impending life cycle issues such as product obsolescence. This includes software code reviews for ease of migration, in addition to upgrade or migration assistance.

View Life Cycle Policies for Software and Hardware


NI application software products follow a standard life cycle policy that defines release frequency and support duration.

View software life cycle policies


NI hardware products follow a standard life cycle policy that defines purchase and service availability.

View hardware life cycle policies

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NI is committed to providing the right level of life cycle support to meet your needs. Contact us if you have questions about NI life cycle policies and services or have specific requirements for your products.

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