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Hardware Product Life Cycle Policies

A variety of factors such as technology evolution, market demand, and component obsolescence dictate the life cycle of any given NI hardware product. NI uses several internal processes to track these factors and manage the life cycle of NI hardware products. All NI hardware products follow the standard life cycle policy illustrated below.

Phases of Hardware Life Cycle

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Active – A product in the Active phase is currently manufactured and available for sale and support. The duration of the Active phase varies according to product line based on various factors such as technology evolution, component obsolescence, and market requirements.

Mature – A Mature product is well advanced in its life cycle and may be nearing the end of its production life. In general, when a product is in the Mature phase, a newer product is available with equal or better features and performance at a comparable or lower price. In marketing and sales material, NI generally notes Mature products as "Not Recommended for New Designs" or "Legacy." The combined Active and Mature lifetimes vary according to product line but can extend to 10 or more years.

Maintenance – When NI decides to no longer manufacture a product, it generally provides a one-year last-time buy period. Some circumstances, such as the sudden loss of a key component due to catastrophic or other unforeseen events, may prevent NI from providing a full year of notice. Products purchased during the last-time buy period receive the standard one-year warranty.

In general, a product stays in the Maintenance phase for at least one year after its last-time buy date based on the standard one-year warranty period. However, support services are typically available beyond this one-year period based on reasonable efforts to accommodate repair and calibration capability.

Obsolete – The product is no longer manufactured or available for purchase and support services are also no longer available.

Contact NI to learn more about the life cycle of a particular NI product line or product.