NI Linux Technology

NI’s mission is to provide engineers and scientists with systems to promote scientific discovery and progress. As part of this mission, NI offers hardware and software products for use with a variety of Linux distributions and versions. The systems span both desktop and embedded use cases, and address the needs of those using Linux across academia and industry.

NI created NI Linux Real-Time, a new Linux distribution with built-in industrial-grade real-time capabilities. Intended for embedded systems, it offers real-time performance with the approachability and usability of a desktop OS. NI Linux Real-Time is fully supported by the LabVIEW Real-Time Module. Through years of R&D development, the work of the open-source community, and partner contributions, NI Linux Real-Time was designed specifically for reliable and deterministic operation in long-term deployments while offering security improvements and increased resiliency to application crashes.

Introduction to NI Linux Real-Time

Visit the NI Linux Real-Time Community

Linux Foundation Silver Member

National Instruments is a Silver Member of The Linux Foundation and a key contributor to PREEMPT_RT real-time patch set. The Linux Foundation is a nonprofit consortium dedicated to fostering the growth of Linux and collaborative software development.

Learn more about NI’s involvement with the Linux Foundation

NI Support for Linux Desktop

NI products for desktop Linux include select hardware drivers and LabVIEW software. In addition to third-party desktop PCs, Linux desktop support is also on PXI and PXI Express controllers. Linux desktop support is limited to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (both desktop and workstation versions), Scientifc Linux, and openSUSE.

Software Options for C/C++ Embedded System Design

NI Linux Real-Time targets allow you to use code from the Linux ecosystem; reuse in-house code; and develop, deploy, and debug C/C++ code using Eclipse or your IDE of choice.

Customer Applications Using NI Linux Real-Time

Customers spanning industries from energy to aerospace to industrial control use hardware based on NI Linux Real-Time to complete their control, monitoring, and test applications.

Advanced Community for NI Linux Real-Time

For those more familiar with Linux and looking to take advantage of the benefits of Linux alongside a LabVIEW Real-Time application, the NI Linux Real-Time Community offers practical how-to documentation and a forum for questions specifically on NI Linux Real-Time.

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