PremiumPlus Hardware Services

You expect NI products to help you solve some of the most challenging engineering problems; expect the same level of capability in our services. Customers in nearly every industry have used NI services to meet specific application needs, maintain efficient operation, and mitigate risk throughout the life cycle of their applications. PremiumPlus services are available through a program agreement, and can be customized to meet the needs of even the most complex test and measurement applications, no matter the size. Whether you want to gain convenience, maximize uptime on a global scale, or achieve long-term support, NI has the expertise and global resources to ensure your success.

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Gain Convenience With a Single Point of Contact

Streamline your services experience with a single point of contact across your entire installed base of NI hardware and systems. A dedicated contact from our sales operations team can facilitate and expedite all maintenance services. Gain convenience by coordinating with an NI representative who understands your needs and is committed to supporting you with timely and accurate assistance.

Maintain Peak Performance With Calibration Services

Calibrating your test and measurement hardware regularly is critical to ensuring quality measurements and traceability, and minimizing downtime. Within the PremiumPlus service program, NI offers an array of calibration services, which include express, on-site, system, and custom procedures.

Protect Your Systems With Complete Repair Coverage

Protect your systems over the life of your application while maintaining a predicable budget. A maintenance service agreement can cover all repair costs for your entire installed base. The coverage includes standard repair service and provides a dedicated single point of contact to coordinate all repairs as well as several advanced repair options.

Maximize Uptime With NI-Managed Sparing

NI has the global infrastructure and resources to help you manage a tiered sparing model across your installed base. For applications that require high uptime, NI can provide an on-site spares inventory that can be accessed in minutes, or expand support to include a regional inventory of spares that can be shipped the same day.

Achieve Application Longevity With Life Cycle Management Services

Regardless of the duration of your project, NI can help ensure long-term success with life cycle services and support. This support can range from life cycle status reviews for individual NI products to advanced design reviews of your specific application. Services are available for everything from managing a technology refresh to guaranteeing the ability to maintain a deployment for 10 years or more.

Ensure Success With a Tailored Support Plan

Obtain a higher level of technical support for applications that demand a faster response, a dedicated point of contact, or support prioritization and status updates. With PremiumPlus technical support, NI collaborates with you to design a custom program to meet your needs during design, development, and ongoing maintenance.

Gain Peace of Mind With Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance service is your best protection against unplanned downtime. Uncover potential issues before they happen through routine activities like visual inspection, software upgrades, embedded software tests, consumable component tests/replacements, and fan cleaning. Avoid unplanned downtime of your systems by proactively checking these potential system failure modes.

Additional Options

Whatever you may require, NI is here to help. From product customization to on-site service to any combination of the above options, NI is dedicated to your success and can tailor a service agreement for you.

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